Alexander Schneider provides scalable technical furniture & consoles for critical facilities, specifically control rooms, command centers, emergency dispatch / 911 call centers, and network operations centers (NOCs). 

Our high-quality consoles provide optimal control room solution by offering outstanding video display compatibility, superb cable management, and are modular, durable, adaptable and ergonomic.


Intelligent Cable Management – Making the best integration of equipment

Together with you, our experienced engineers plan the optimum power distribution in our technical workstation systems, 19″cabinets and control rooms.

  • Components are easy to secure and use
  • Separate cabling for data and power-supply lines
  • Ensures free airflow in the technical area of the console
  • Pre-wiring ex works for minimum installation time in the control consoles and control room


Ergonomics as Productivity and Comfort Factor

In technical working areas, functionality has the highest priority.  Additionally, employees at emergency and service control centers are usually working in shifts, meaning multiple employees share one workstation. This shared work environment requires that the work equipment is dynamically and flexible adjustable to the respective needs of the employee.

  • Ergonomic Design of Control Centers (ISO 11064)
  • Office Furniture/Office Desks (DIN EN 527)