RRC Power – Battery Packs, Chargers & Power Solutions

Since RRC was founded in 1989, it has continuously grown to become a worldwide leading company for power supplies, batteries and battery charging technology. It offers standard products and platform solutions for applications in the medical, military, industrial and consumer markets.  And is the first choice for the industry thanks to its trendsetting technology.


Competitive Advantage

RRC’s special advantage is the development of power solutions which, due to their innovative features, put the customer a step ahead of the competition.


Analysis and Consulting

Only a firm with a high level of creativity and the right technological products can be an impetus for their customers. These characteristics are necessary for RRC-customers to the advantage of the RRC-products: to reach the market with trendsetting solutions before their competitors. This customer-oriented performance concept from RRC is built around a simple, but fundamental question:  which technology best fits the customer’s needs?  It is the prerequisite for outsourcing tasks from the customer to RRC. This means that every power solutions is developed, produced and delivered according to the customer’s concrete requirements.


Our Position in an International Network

At its headquarters in south western Germany, RRC carries out research and development.  Production takes place at various locations, including Germany, the Far East and the USA. Our distribution and logistics operate worldwide, which brings us closer to our customers, no matter where they are, and allows us to carry out projects all over the globe.  Being a global player means consequently internationalizing all company branches.


Long-Term Thinking

Only the best can create the future.  Employee potential and strong partnerships with customers and suppliers are a part of being the best. The result is a close relationship with the customer, based on predictable, trustworthy behavior and well-coordinated processes.  In the end, all of the important aspects of a strategic partnership lead to continual growth … powering your ideas.