ServerLIFT – Data Center Lifts & Server Relocation Equipment

Safely Lift and Install in IT Racks

ServerLIFT Corporation offers server lifting solutions that enhance datacenter work environment safety and help make data center operations more efficient.

To Install heavy IT equipment, manufacturers such as IBM and HP recommend using teams of 2 to 4 persons. With ServerLIFT, one person can safely and easily install heavy servers and blades in IT cabinets.

ServerLIFT allows you to do more with fewer resources and eliminate work-related injuries along with any burden or stress associated with the handling and or moving of heavy IT equipment.


Rack and Stack using Data Center Lifts

Think about how much time and resources your data center operations staff spend deploying servers and networking equipment each year. Today networking switches, routers and even the typical blade enclosure can weigh 100Kg or more.