Liebert Thermal Management (a Vertiv-Emerson company)

The critical infrastructure systems from Vertiv (Liebert) allow customers to respond to changes in density, capacity and availability while achieving greater operating flexibility, higher system availability and lower total costs of ownership.

Liebert’s Thermal management products make possible the efficient, reliable and cost effective thermal management in your mission critical facility through unparalleled expertise and the industry’s most advanced service, software, and equipment technology. Achieve industry leading efficiency levels (PUE < 1.1), availability approaching 100%, and up to 50% lower capital and operating costs.

This Liebert thermal management product range includes CW and DX air conditioning units, Datacenter Chillers, Freecooling chillers, CRAC and Inrow systems, evaporative cooling units and precision cooling solutions, ideal for a reliable data center performance.

In Israel, Alexander Schneider leads the datacenter cooling market with Liebert’s thermal management products providing high efficiency and reliability for datacenters and critical facilities. For many datacenter customers, designers and integrators, Alexander Schneider is a trusted advisor providing expert design know-how and reliable 24×7 service.