Batteries & Chargers

For demanding Medical, Mobile and military applications, Alexander Schneider provides custom and standard smart Li-Ion batteries, chargers and power supplies.

Our standard off-the-shelf rechargeable Li-Ion smart batteries feature SMBus and world-wide safety standards for global exports: CE / UL2054 / UL1642 / IEC 62133 / EN60950 / ROHS  / UN3.8.3 / PSE/ CCC etc.

סוללות ומטענים

Standard Smart Batteries

We provide standard off-the-shelf smart batteries and chargers we well as build-to-spec custom rechargeable batteries for medical, industrial and harsh environment applications.

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Custom Smart Batteries

Our custom battery design, development & manufacturing service integrates seamlessly into your device development program. Our well-proven project management processes ensure custom solutions that are delivered on-time & on-budget.

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Standard Chargers

We offer standard and customized battery chargers for military and medical applications.

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Power Supplies AC/DC

Fully developed power supply solutions that can be configured quickly and simply. You gain a shorter development time, lower development costs, ready international approvals, faster market entry and thus, quick ROI.

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Car Adapters DC/DC

We offer high-quality DC/DC car adapters that operate through the electrical systems of cars, trucks, marine vessels and aircraft.

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