Batteries & Chargers

For demanding Medical, Mobile and military applications, Alexander Schneider provides custom and standard smart Li-Ion batteries, chargers and power supplies.

Our standard off-the-shelf rechargeable Li-Ion smart batteries feature SMBus and world-wide safety standards for global exports: CE / UL2054 / UL1642 / IEC 62133 / EN60950 / ROHS  / UN3.8.3 / PSE/ CCC etc.

Standard Smart Batteries

We provide standard off-the-shelf smart batteries and chargers we well as build-to-spec custom rechargeable batteries for medical, industrial and harsh environment applications.

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Custom Smart Batteries

Our custom battery design, development & manufacturing service integrates seamlessly into your device development program. Our well-proven project management processes ensure custom solutions that are delivered on-time & on-budget.

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Standard Chargers

We offer standard and customized battery chargers for military and medical applications.

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Cradle Chargers

Platforms are fully developed charging docks that are quickly and easily configured. They are suitable for all cell chemistries (NiMH, NiCd, LiIon, LiPol) and form the versatile foundation for a specific application.

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Wall Chargers & Power Supplies

Fully developed power supply solutions that can be configured quickly and simply. You gain a shorter development time, lower development costs, ready international approvals, faster market entry and thus, quick ROI.

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