Ministry of Finance


Developing a Cutting Edge Data Center in Less than 3 Months


The Israeli Ministry of Finance approached Alexander Schneider for an advanced, highly secure, high density data center for the government’s online services.

The prime objective of the end user’s management was to reduce the total cost. As finance people, they recognized that Capex determines the Opex. Therefore, they demanded efficiency in energy consumption and a low footprint.

The allotted space was demanding: 90 square meters and a room height that did not exceed 2.4 meters (less than 8 ft.)

Solution and Work Process

We designed and built an energy efficient data center for 1,200 servers in a 90m² room, in less than 3 months. How did we do it?

A key feature of the data center design is the Liebert high density cooling system. At the time, the Cooltherm was the leading choice. Today, Liebert’s high density in rack cabinets are even more advanced. The Liebert CRV-L water-cooled cabinet has in rack cooling. The version selected was the 15KW cabinet. Other models can reach up to 60KW per rack.

The scalable design enabled the customer to purchase a cooling cabinet system only when the servers were purchased, thereby spreading the Capex over 3 years. The energy savings were substantial:  the systems use 16 degree cold water thereby providing savings of 30% in energy costs for cooling.

Panduit’s high density copper and fiber products were used for the high speed network. Panduit was selected thanks to its high performance that exceeds industry standards, its modular design and its scalability options. Panduit’s patch cords are very durable and the color options allow the user ease of management.  Panduit’s Quicknet products are fast and easy to install. This assisted in meeting the project’s tight deadlines.

Raritan’s KVM systems and PDUs completed this innovative design.


The data center went on air in 2007 with unprecedented resiliency and energy efficiency and provided a glimpse to new data center best practices that set new standards for the Israeli data center industry.

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