Hall Effect Joysticks

As the sole partner of Ruffy Controls in Israel, we provide a wide range of high-quality and innovative precision Hall Effect joysticks, including:

SG Series – 2 Axis, Redundant Sensor Hall Effect Hand Grip Joystick

Redundant sensor 2 Axis Hall Effect analog hand grip joystick.

Developed for systems which require an added level of safety in a hand grip sized package.

All models are IP67 sealed (minimum).

These joysticks are available with multiple handle front options (including operator presence switch) and handle top configurations.

Each unit is supplied with applicable mounting hardware and electrical cable.


TS1 Series – Miniature 2 Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Miniature thumb controlled two-axis Hall Effect joystick with integrated elastomer actuator and threaded body mount.

The standard IP67 above panel seal with an exceptional return to center values and precision proportional output make this controller ideal for remote control applications in tight spaces with strict requirements.

Provided pre-programmed in optional Analog, USB or Cursor Control. The USB 1.1 HID “game controller” option is fully assignable and requires no additional software.

No above panel hardware necessary, supplied with 28AWG cable and mounting nut.



TS2 Series – Micro 2 Axis Hall Effect Joystick

World’s smallest industrial 2 Axis Hall Effect Joystick with an IP67 above panel seal and ½”-20 threaded body mount. Ideal for small remote controls or large hand grip joystick faceplates where space is limited.



SS1 Series – Miniature Hall Effect Switch Stick

Miniature low voltage thumb controlled 4-way Hall Effect Switch. Contactless, bounce-free Hall Effect technology provides precision control and long life operation.

Self-centering device with no mechanical switch components to worry about degradation over time.

Essentially limitless 4-way switch cycles offered with the same elastomer actuators and threaded body mount as our TS1 Series joystick.

The IP67 above panel seal is standard in all 4 actuator options including “Option 3” which has an integrated top mechanical pushbutton rated for a minimum of 300k cycles.



SS2 Series – Fingertip Limit Switch Joystick

Compact, single pole limit switch based joystick for light to medium duty applications.

No above panel hardware provides a clean look coupled with an IP67 rating.

Limiting options include 2, 4, or 8-way operation with a high life cycle rating.

The SS2 Series switch joystick is an ideal choice for limit switching needs in a small yet robust package.



HS1 Series – Miniature Hat Switch

Miniature 4, 5, 8 or 9-Way Hat Switch.

The HS1 Series is an IP67 above panel sealed switch for anything from indoor to harsh environments. It comes with a standard elastomer actuator for improved comfort for the user. An optional, integrated top-mounted switch is available in the 5 or 9-Way configuration.

These units are supplied with a 28AWG cable for convenient connection through the bottom of the switch body as well as a below panel mounting nut.



SAT Series – Miniature Single Axis Hall Effect Thumb Controller

Single axis miniature proportional thumb controller.

Integrated elastomer actuator provides an ergonomic feel and IP67 above panel seal.

Contactless Hall Effect technology provides precision control and long life operation.

Low voltage, self-centering device provided with pre-programmed Analog output.

Below panel mounting hardware and 28AWG cable included.



FNR Series – Miniature Single Axis 3-Position Hall Effect Switch

Miniature single axis three position thumb controller, ideal for Forward/Neutral/Reverse operation or any industrial application which requires a robust 3 position switch.

Contactless Hall Effect technology and rugged mechanical construction provide a 3 Million minimum life cycle and an IP67 above panel seal.

Supplied with a nut to secure below panel as well as 28AWG cable.



HE1 Series – Fingertip Precision Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Contactless Hall Effect fingertip controlled joystick with a wide range of mounting options and ergonomic handles sealed up to IP67 above panel.

Low voltage controller with an excellent return to center accuracy with many pre-programmed electrical output options including Analog, USB and Cursor Control. The USB joystick can be used as a standard USB 1.1 HID-compliant device with no added software necessary.

The HE1 Series provides shallow, below panel mounting as well as an optional metal housing which requires no above panel hardware.

Electrical cable and all necessary mounting hardware is supplied.



HE2 Series – Ruggedized, Fully Sealed Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Rugged, 2 or 3 Axis Hall Effect fingertip controlled joystick. Developed for harsh environments in mind, all configurations are IP67 sealed (minimum).

Based on the HE1 Series form factor and mounting options, the HE2 Series mechanism is constructed using a robust stainless steel shaft and brass gimbal which can stand up to very high input forces.

These joysticks are ideal for marine, belly box or other industrial applications which require a precision controller that can take a beating.

Electrical output options include factory pre-programmed Analog, USB HID 1.1 or Cursor Control.

Each unit is supplied with mounting hardware and electrical cable.



HE3 Series – Redundant Sensor, Fully Sealed Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Redundant sensor 2 or 3 Axis Hall Effect fingertip controlled joystick. Developed for systems which require an added level of safety, independent dual sensors were implemented into each axis and all models are IP67 sealed (minimum).

These joysticks evolved from a need in safety-critical situations to give the end user and system architect the peace of mind necessary to get the job done.

Each unit is supplied with applicable mounting hardware and electrical cable.



HCK Series – Precision Hall Effect Control Knob

The panel mounted Hall Effect Control Knob provides smooth proportional output control in a compact, low-profile design.

For applications which require reliable single axis control, the HCK Series delivers precision linear voltage control in a spring return to center rotary package.

The standard IP67 environmental seal ensures this controller can operate in either indoor or rugged outdoor environments.

No above panel hardware necessary, supplied with 28AWG cable and mounting screws.



MR Series – Fingertip Multi-Axis Potentiometer Joystick

Compact, low profile potentiometer based joystick featuring two or three axis precision control. Low operating force fingertip controller with a variety of handle and mounting options for ease of integration.

Ideal applications include measurement systems, robotic systems, CCTV, machine control, conveyor systems, PTZ camera control, wheelchair control, or in environments where high magnetic field strengths are present.

The MR Series resistive joystick has excellent resistance to EMI in a small yet robust package.



MH Series – Fingertip Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Contactless Hall Effect joystick with an independent Hall Effect sensor per axis. Available in two or three axis configurations with added low profile and slim Z (twist) axis handle options.

Repeatable accuracy and superior return to center voltages set this controller apart from the competition. Pre-programmed analog output in a user-specified voltage range.

Supplied with pigtail 28AWG wires, stripped and tinned ready to integrate into any applicable system.

The MH Series Hall Effect joystick provides reliable, multi-axis proportional fingertip control.



MSA Series – Micro Single Axis Hall Effect Thumb Controller

Single Axis, “micro” Hall Effect proportional thumb controller.

Designed for both control grip and panel mounting applications, the small design allows for multiple units to fit side by side in hand grip joysticks. The one-piece elastomer actuator offers a combination of a nice feel to the user and the best panel sealing solution when compared with similar sized competitor devices on the market.

All units are sealed against dust and water to IP67 standards above panel, also provided with below panel mounting clip and snap-in electrical cable.



HED Series – Premier Hall Effect USB Desktop Controller

Hall Effect USB desktop controller with integrated 3 axis HE1 Series joystick.

Ergonomic design for precision pan/tilt/zoom camera control.

USB 1.1 HID-compliant device available in standard 4 or 10 button housing configurations with up to 2 additional buttons integrated in the joystick handle.

A variety of configurable handle options allows the user to tailor each unit to a system’s needs.

The HED Series PTZ controller is the perfect addition to a company’s security needs.



MFD Series – Multi-Function USB Desktop Controller

USB desktop controller built to user specifications with integrated: 2 or 3 axis Hall Effect joystick, 2 or 3 axis potentiometer joystick or single axis Hall Effect control knob. These desktops were designed for ambidextrous use with soft silicone wrist pad for added comfort.

USB 1.1 HID-compliant device allows all functions to be user assignable along with long life Cherry MX switches used in the housing.

The MFD Series was developed for machine control, professional surveillance or any application which requires precision fingertip control.