Central Bank of Israel


Setting a New IT Standard for Israeli Banking


The Central Bank of Israel required a new energy efficient, best-of-breed data center designed for high density 15KW cabinets.

Solution and Work Process

Alexander Schneider’s data center experts suggested and provided leading edge solutions to match the desired objectives:

Cooling – the Central Bank standardized on the Emerson’s in row cooling. The Cooloop (replaced later by the new generation Liebert CRV) provides 30KW of cooling in a 30cm wide unit that is located between the server racks. Using Liebert’s water cooling systems enabled the central bank to meet the 15KW per rack design objective while saving over 30% on their annual air-conditioning electrical bill. 

Racks – the Central Bank selected Knurr’s server cabinets, designed for optimized airflow, ease of access, and 1,500Kg loads. Aisle containment was added to optimize cooling according to data center best practices. A Liebert CRAC was used to control the humidity.   

Cisco Backbone Switches – the Central Bank decided on Panduit’s Net Access communication cabinets that are Cisco Certified. Panduit’s Net Access cabinets provide optimized air flow for Cisco switches as well as innovative cable management solutions for copper and fiber. 

PDU’s – the Central Bank standardized on Alexander Schneider’s Modular 3 phase 32A PDUs for maximum agility and redundancy. Innovative DCIM software monitors and records the power consumption at the server level while controlling the air-conditioning levels in real time.


The Central Bank of Israel has set an example for the Israeli banking industry as to how to implement data center best practices to increase data center resiliency, while lowering the total cost of ownership. Alexander Schneider is proud to be a key contributor to this significant project. 


Data center design:Dan Carmi

Air-conditioning Design: Shaul Shmil

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