Optimizing your Data Center

A Data Center Assessment identifies and helps you resolve infrastructure vulnerabilities that risk your data center availability and waste potential capacity. As part of the Data Center Assessment, Alexander Schneider’s experts conduct a comprehensive inspection that includes:

  • On-site thermal and air-conditioning assessment
  • Assessment of the electrical infrastructure
  • Roadmap for expansion of the IT load
  • Recommendations for implementing new loads and new IT systems
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study and report (optional)
  • Cable management best practices
  • Recommendations for cost savings including PUE and energy savings


The assessment includes a report that documents the findings and lists recommendations about how to best protect the health of your data center and increase your energy efficiency. The assessment is concluded through a presentation of the findings by an expert.

The vital data generated in the assessment examines your data center’s present and future IT load capabilities and will help you save 20%-60% of your electrical bills; thereby assisting you in gauging your budget requirements.