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Panduit’s Innovative products for reliable Control Panel performance provide everything you need to enable space optimization, productivity, safety, and security. Next day delivery from Alexander Schneider, Israel.


Optimizing Space in the Control Panel

Panduit understands the difficulties that arise when working with limited space inside control panels. Panduit’s solutions are designed to address these challenges and maximize optimization within the available space. By implementing Panduit’s optimized control systems, engineers can experience increased design flexibility, improved panel design, and reliable performance. These solutions are specifically engineered to withstand environmental conditions, ensuring ideal performance, availability, and uptime.

Managing panel space efficiently is crucial to minimize costs associated with real estate. Panel designers face pressure to make the most of their available space, which often requires fitting as much equipment as possible into a given area. This presents a challenge for equipment designers and builders to reduce the size and footprint of their machines. Consequently, controls engineers are tasked with designing and building control panels within limited space or accommodating more equipment in existing areas.

Designing smaller control panels poses various challenges. Factors such as cable segregation, thermal management, cable entry, electromagnetic interference (EMI), cable bend radius, and future expansion must be carefully considered to reduce the overall size of control panels effectively.


Wiring Duct & Duct Covers

Panduit’s wiring duct and wiring duct covers will help guide, separate, and protect your cables.

Wiring Duct Accessories

Panduit offers a variety of wiring duct accessories including noise shield kits, rivets, divider walls, and more.

Wiring Duct Tools

Easily install Panduct® Products with the bench mount or hand-held duct cutting tool.


Easily install Panduct® Products with the bench mount or hand-held duct cutting tool.

Cable Ties

Fasten, bundle, clamp and manage wiring with cable ties and tools designed to speed installation and improve operator safety.

4-Way Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Mounts

Panduit adhesive-backed cable tie mounts are crucial for securing wires and cables in control panels where drilling mounting holes is not possible. They use a rubber-based adhesive that sets quickly and offers a strong static load capacity for a reliable long-term bond. In areas with dynamic movement, such as wire routing inside frequently accessed control panel doors, high bond adhesive mounts are preferred for an even stronger bond. These mounts are available in multiple sizes, colors (natural or black), and adhesive options, providing customers with a range of choices to meet their specific application needs.

Dynamic Cable Manager

Panduit’s dynamic cable manager offers a purpose-built solution for securing cable bundles that need to be routed across enclosure door hinges. Its ball-in-socket design ensures a reliable and cost-effective solution that minimizes strain on the mount and wiring. The rubber-based tape provides a high quick-tack solution, which enhances adhesive performance in indoor applications.


Non-Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts

Panduit offers non-adhesive cable tie mounts for both screw-mount and push-mount applications. These mounts come in a range of specialty materials, providing resistance to harsh environmental conditions. With various styles available, users can choose the most suitable mount for their specific application. It is important to use these mounts with compatible Panduit cable ties to ensure a comprehensive wire routing solution.

Control Panel Mounts

Panduit control panel mounts offer strain relief for cables connected to control panel switches. These mounts are installed behind the switch, providing a secure way to fasten terminated cables with a cable tie, ensuring a reliable connection. They are available in two sizes that cater to the most common control panel switch designs.

Mitigating Security and Safety Risks

Incorporating security measures directly into equipment and enclosures is vital as it enables design and control engineers to establish multiple layers of security that collaborate to safeguard the network and equipment. This integration eliminates the need for retrofitting or replacing components. Adding physical security solutions that control access to automation devices can effectively enhance the existing security layers in modern control systems. Panduit offers a comprehensive range of solutions to protect equipment from intentional and unintentional security threats, providing added value to their customers’ physical security requirements.

While workplace safety is a shared responsibility, it is especially crucial for facility managers, electricians, and control panel engineers to prioritize recommended precautions to ensure a safe environment for employees. These precautions not only prevent harm and danger but also have a direct and indirect impact on the company’s overall financial performance. Panduit has developed an extensive range of solutions designed to safeguard workers against mechanical, electrical, and hazardous situations. Additionally, they offer products that establish multiple layers of security, working harmoniously to protect equipment.

VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Testers

The VeriSafe Absence of Voltage Testers streamline voltage testing. By simply pressing a button, workers can swiftly check voltage status and receive a clear indication when voltage absence is confirmed. This innovative solution ensures safe, reliable, and efficient testing for the absence of voltage, eliminating the need for exposure to electrical hazards.

StructuredGround™ Flat Braided Bonding Straps

StructuredGround™ Flat Braided Bonding Straps are commonly used to electrically bond enclosure doors, subpanels, motors, and machines to ensure safety and protect against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). The flat ferrule design of these bonding straps effectively reduces Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) by efficiently passing high-frequency noise, surpassing the performance of round stranded-type cables. These straps are designed to withstand motion or vibration, preventing individual strand breakage or cracking that can compromise the bonding effectiveness. Constructed from #4 AWG tin-plated copper with a minimum strap width of 1″, they can be terminated with a seamless ferrule that maintains the flat braided shape along its entire length.

StructuredGround™ Universal Ground Bar System

The StructuredGround™ Universal Ground Bar System (UGB) is a versatile solution for control panel and enclosure applications. Made from precision-machined electrolytic copper and tin-plated to prevent corrosion, it offers multiple termination methods and mounting options. This flexibility allows users to choose their preferred method of terminating conductors, whether using connectors or simply cutting and stripping wires. By providing a wide range of options, the UGB system reduces the need for multiple types of ground bars to meet various application and customer requirements. Additionally, the UGB is UL 467 Listed and CSA 22.2 Certified for grounding and bonding equipment conductors up to 2/0 AWG, meeting the UL 508A requirements.


Cable Entry Systems

Panduit Cable Entry Systems complement our already broad and innovative control panel and on-machine solution that safely organizes, connects and protects electrical systems. The Cable Entry Systems offer a safe, organized method to transition cable and hoses through enclosures and electrical equipment, providing strain relief while maintaining IP/NEMA ingress sealing ratings. Traditional cable glands or cord grips require several time-consuming installation steps and considerable space on the enclosure; the Panduit offering simplifies the installation and can manage numerous cables in a very dense space. These design benefits provide up to 80% installation time savings dramatically increasing productivity and freeing up installers for other activities. The high-density hole configurations provide up to 80% space savings which is critical for machine applications that require several cables with limited space on the equipment. The extra hole locations in the same dense design allow for future cabling moves, adds, and changes. While cable glands or cord grips typically only handle unterminated cables, the Panduit system handles both unterminated and terminated cables for increased installation productivity.

Cable Entry Systems Cable Entry Systems

Round and rectangular solutions available- Up to 80% labor savings and 80% space savings when multiple cables are required to pass into same enclosure. One hole / punch can accommodate up to 12 terminated cables and up to 140 unterminated cables.

Accommodates terminated and un-terminated cables- Prevents re-termination of cables in order to pass through openings.

Selection of IP ratings to accommodate customer requirements- Meets multiple IP/NEMA ingress sealing ratings to accommodate a variety of applications that lets the user determine the most suitable solution for their requirements.

Compatible with standard punch tools- The circular and rectangular designs are compatible with industry standard electrical cutout punches to ease installation.

Imperial dimensions physically molded into components- Provides easy reference for customers who standardize on imperial dimensions.

Strain relief- Grommets and sealing membranes prevent cables from over-bending at cable entry points.


Pan-Wrap™ Split Harness Wrap

 Pan-Wrap™ Split Harness Wrap is a cutting-edge abrasion protection solution designed to ensure consistent bundle protection in dynamic applications. Its unique wall design allows for easy cable breakouts, while the patented slot pattern enhances flexibility and abrasion resistance. The wrap’s generous overlap accommodates a broad range of bundle diameters. To expedite installation, the Pan-Wrap™ Installation Tool significantly reduces the time required to wrap a cable bundle with the Pan-Wrap™ Split Harness Wrap.


Pan-Wrap™ Split Harness Wrap

The Connected Control Panel

An ethernet enabled control panel supports the increasing number of Ethernet nodes on the plant floor and allows the business to measure productivity in real-time, resulting in improved efficiencies, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

The manufacturing plant floor is undergoing dramatic changes that require businesses to adopt new strategies to fully utilize Industrial Ethernet through things such as advanced motor controls and control architectures to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and drive out costs. The increasing number of Ethernet nodes on the plant floor and the need to measure productivity in real-time are frequent challenges. Greater use of Ethernet connected advanced controllers, computers and high-speed motion control and power electronics require new design strategies beyond traditional panel selection and layout to ensure the automation systems deliver improved network performance and accommodate an increasing use of Industrial Ethernet managed switches and networked devices. Copper and fiber connectivity for harsh environment deployments, DIN rail mountable patching devices, Motor Control Center (MCC) Connectivity, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies are integrated into the control panel design for a complete network Connected Control Panel.


Panduit provides an extensive range of fiber connectivity solutions to meet the demands of high-speed and high-bandwidth networks. These solutions support various fiber optic cable types and include fiber optic connectors, adapters, enclosures, and patch cords. Panduit’s fiber connectivity solutions ensure secure and efficient data transmission, enabling reliable connections and optimal network performance, and allow easy moves, adds or changes to connections.

Advanced Features: Panduit’s copper and fiber connectivity solutions often incorporate advanced features to enhance installation and maintenance processes. These features may include color-coding for easy identification, angled designs for better cable routing, and quick-connect options for faster terminations. Additionally, Panduit’s solutions may support advanced fiber management, such as fiber enclosures with organized routing and secure cable retention.

Compatibility and Integration: Panduit’s copper and fiber connectivity solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with their comprehensive range of network infrastructure products. This compatibility ensures smooth integration within structured cabling systems, enabling efficient deployment and easy upgrades. It allows for a cohesive and reliable network infrastructure that supports the evolving needs of modern data centers, telecommunications, and enterprise networks.

Overall, Panduit’s copper and fiber connectivity solutions provide reliable, high-performance, and scalable options for optimizing network connectivity. They are engineered with industry-leading standards and offer advanced features to simplify installation and maintenance processes. With a focus on compatibility and integration, Panduit’s connectivity solutions provide a solid foundation for building robust and efficient network infrastructures.

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