Racks & Cabinets

With our large catalog of IT racks and cabinets, we provide standard and custom rack solutions for IT, ATE, outdoor, industrial and military applications.

We feature solutions in aluminum and stainless steel and a rich variety of accessories to provide a complete solution.

Our customers can select from a standard quality cabinet to a fully integrated smart rack that is equipped with IT, power, cooling, locking systems and environmental monitoring.

Server Racks

Our comprehensive product offering addresses power, cooling, space and cable management challenges, enabling reduced energy consumption, enhanced network reliability, and optimized space utilization.

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Industrial Enclosure

Our Panduit industrial enclosures are specifically engineered to deploy and protect rack mount Ethernet switches in industrial applications.

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Rugged & Mobile Cases

Following the extensive experience we have acquired over the years, we developed a high degree of expertise in responding to the requirements of both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Outdoor Enclosures

We offer outdoor cabinets in various dimensions and materials. The aluminum cabinets with double-wall insulation are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and be vandalism proof.

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Electrical & Control

Our comprehensive product range includes mild steel and stainless steel wall mounted and floor standing enclosures as well as console systems, polyester enclosures, outdoor enclosures and terminal boxes.

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Telescopic Slides

Accuride’s telescopic slides are suitable for industrial, commercial, electronic and medical applications.

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Friction Guides

Accuride’s friction guides offer customers across industry a high performance, easy-to-use product and a cost-effective solution.

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Thermal Solutions

We offer various thermal solutions such as fan units, heat exchangers and air-conditioning solutions.

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Technical Furniture & Console

Knurr (Vertiv) Technical Furniture’s solutions are used by global leaders in Command and Control rooms, Operation centers, Automated Test Stations (ATE), as well as in laboratory and diagnostics stations.

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