cfd_square_001Data Center Planning Begins with CFD

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is an engineering software that Alexander Schneider’s experts use to build a thermal model of the data center and to simulate “what if” scenarios.


Best Practices Require CFD Analysis

CFD analysis is an essential step in today’s data center best practices.

Using CFD we understand why hot spots occur and how to prevent them. We analyze the air flow and heat behavior of the air in the data center and understand how we can cost effectively optimize the data center.


Prevent Design Mistakes. Reduce Downtime Risk

CFD is an essential tool in designing a new data center and analyzing an existing data center prior to upgrade. CFD analysis can save you Capex and Opex and reduce your data center’s downtime risks.


Capacity Planning

For an existing and operating data center, CFD is used to estimate your remaining cooling capacity so you know what your data center can currently handle. In addition, you can save costly trial-and-error exercises by simulating expansion scenarios to select the most optimal roadmap.