Government Ministry (MoE)


Building Israel's Most Advanced Governmental Data Center


A government ministry (MoE) approached Alexander Schneider to build a complex and highly advanced data center, designed for optimal energy efficiency.

Solution and Work Process

In order to meet the stringent requirements, we chose Panduit’s OM3 fiber system, which provided the MoE with high bandwidth and delivered high performance, reliability, and scalability. These advanced systems meet today’s requirements and enable a migration path for tomorrow’s applications. They include fiber optic cable, connectors, adapter modules, adapter panels, cassettes, enclosures, patch cords, cable assemblies, cable distribution products and accessories for both single mode and multimode applications. Together, these components provide complete solutions for today’s high data rate Fiber Channel and Ethernet applications, and support future readiness for 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s data rates; maximizing physical infrastructure performance, modularity, and scalability.

Each rack is equipped with 2 Raritan Intelligent PDUs with advanced metering at the outlet, breaker, and PDU levels.  Using the PDUs USB interface, all were configured in record time. This was possible due to Raritan’s intelligent power strips that facilitate intuitive configuration (setting IP address, changing time settings, setting unique name, turning on SNMP, etc.) in real-world environments — easily and rapidly.

With minimal effort, a single person can configure hundreds of power strips in a single afternoon. The technique is unique and it enhances the data center team’s productivity.

The AC power backup is supplied by two Emerson-Chloride UPS systems that provide resilience and redundancy. All power and air-conditioning systems are backed by Alexander Schneider’s 24x7x365 service (Dial *3786).


The state-of-the-art data center is the most advanced governmental data center built in Israel and serves as a benchmark for similar projects in the future.

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