Omega Series – 4K, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C Conferencing

AV for modern workspaces and meeting environments

The Atlona Omega series is a family of switching, extension, and video processing solutions with features and technologies designed specifically for today’s meeting and gathering spaces.

An Omega system can be a straightforward, point-to-point setup from meeting table to display, or anchored by an AV switcher with remote endpoints at display or presenter locations.

The Omega series key features include:

  • Simple user operation – connect and present (no button to press)
  • Built-in automation with auto-switching, display control, and more
  • Universal AV connectivity for HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C
  • Video conferencing hub – USB interfacing for PCs, cameras, speakerphones, and soundbars
  • HDBaseT extension for 4K video, control, Ethernet, and USB
  • Cost-effective, easily adaptable system designs for a facility, organization, or enterprise


What makes the Omega series unique for meeting spaces?

Here are some of the many convenience features for integration and user operation in the Omega Series, making it particularly ideal for today’s presentation and collaboration requirements:

  • Universal AV format connectivity – USB-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI
  • Video conference with Zoom, Skype, and more – simple AV and USB connections to the host PC
  • Compact form factor, discreet systems – small and easily mountable onto surfaces
  • Hands-free, zero UI operation – connect it and forget it

From a very simple user operation to 4K, universal BYOD interfacing such as USB-C, easy screen sharing, architecturally friendly installations, software video conferencing, and much more, Omega has you fully covered!

For an in-depth explanation of the essential key features of the Omega product family, please watch the recorded webinar below (the webinar is in Hebrew)