Planning and Building a High Density, Secure Data Center


Teva, the world’s largest generic drug company, required a high density, secure, data center in Israel. Following an extensive selection process, Alexander Schneider was chosen to supply the complete Layer 1 of the data center.   

We were asked to build an underground 3MW, 1,000m2, N+1 data center designed to support high density cabinets up to 35KW and standard-density server as well as communication racks of up to 7KW each.

Solution and Work Process

In order to meet the stringent requirements we integrated the following leading edge components:

  • Starline Modular bus bars that enable the customer to make Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) to the power distribution without any downtime. One bus bar line was designed to be overhead and one bar under the raised floor.
  • High density cooling with up to 35KW per server rack in an IN-rack configuration from Liebert.
  • Liebert InRow CW units cool the Panduit Communication Cabinets which feature innovative airflow management and high-density cable management for Cisco 7800 switches.
  • Perimeter CRAC units from Liebert control the humidity and provide additional backup cooling
  • High density Panduit OM3 fiber systems provide state-of -the-art, high speed, high bandwidth data transport with ease of installation and ease of management.

Prior to going on the air, Alexander Schneider conducted a datacenter commissioning service (see picture). Using 1-4KW server emulators and specialized wireless sensors and software, we tested the new data center under true load, using various scenarios.  The test identified risks for downtime and contributed to the stellar uptime performance of this data center.


The best-of-breed data center is fully operational, enabling Teva to benefit from maximum service availability and minimum Opex, while experiencing almost zero downtime and no data loss.  


Project lead integration: Magalcom

Data center design: Mickey Ziv

Air conditioning design: HRVAC

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