What is Data Center Commissioning

Data Center Commissioning is an essential procedure that verifies the meticulous design, installation, and testing of every component, system, and equipment within a data center, aligning them with the owner’s project specifications. This critical process ensures the data center facility achieves unparalleled levels of performance, reliability, and uptime, meeting the highest industry standards.


Prevent Data Center Downtime

So you have built a new data center. You have invested in N+1 or 2N redundancy because data center resiliency is crucial. You committed to your internal and external customers that your data center will not crash. But how confident are you? Do you have nightmares about data center downtime?

The Data Center Commissioning process is designed to test the data center’s physical infrastructure prior to populating it with IT equipment and before entering the production phase.


The Server Emulator

We have designed a unique tool to make the data center commissioning process highly effective.  Alexander Schneider’s server emulator is a 19″, 6U device that has a dual power supply and features variable power dissipation (1KW to 4KW in 1KW increments) and variable air flow (up to 400 CFM) to simulate server blades and 1U or 2U servers.

The server emulator is the tool that enables us to be the only company that delivers a true load test, from 1K to 28KW per cabinet.

A Real Life Test 

We test the data centers under variable true loads. We test the data center’s design, implementation, and real life hardware performance. We test the workmanship of the contractors who built it. Best practices dictate that a true commissioning process is a MUST for Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 data centers.


One Day ROI

Data center downtime can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. When we discover a problem during the Data Center Commissioning process, the prevention of future problems results in an immediate ROI.