Today’s enterprise spaces rely on a wide variety of IP-enabled systems that improve operational efficiencies and employee productivity, while reducing facility operating costs. Security, safety, lighting, environmental controls, audio/video, and other systems are now common in the enterprise, and a robust network that provides reliable, long-lasting performance is the foundation for these systems.

From the Data Center to Telecom rooms and office environments including work areas and conference rooms, Panduit’s comprehensive enterprise network infrastructure delivers highly-engineered, end-to-end cabling infrastructure and connectivity solutions that help move your business forward and can help you address your most pressing challenges including adequate bandwidth, overcrowded telecom rooms, and wireless connectivity.

We deliver best-in-class network performance with superior quality, operational efficiency and easy installation. Panduit’s enterprise network solution includes:

  • Copper Cabling Systems
  • Fiber Cabling Systems
  • Pre-Terminated Copper and Fiber Solutions
  • Cabinets, Racks, and Cable Management
  • Zone Enclosure Systems
  • Cable Routing Systems
  • Power and Grounding Systems
  • Surface Raceway Systems
  • Labeling and Identification
  • Faceplates and Modular Furniture Outlets
  • Wire Management Systems
  • Physical Security Systems


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