IT Systems


Designing and Building a Rugged and Lightweight Mobile IT System within 10 Weeks


The customer in this project was a US-based global leader in Electronic Systems for land, sea, and air applications. We were asked to design and supply a system comprised of servers and related IT systems in a mobile 19 inch enclosure that would be sufficiently rugged to withstand the environmental conditions as in MIL-STD810G. One of the key requirements was that the system should be as light weight as possible.


Solution and Work Process

To ensure the successful completion of the task, we undertook an extensive Scope of Work (SoW) that considered the following:

  • Mechanical, electrical and connectivity design.
  • Dynamic thermal analysis and design.
  • Purchasing and supply chain management.
  • Manufacturing according to MIL standards in the USA, incorporating DSCA guidelines.
  • Conducting tests in an independent laboratory to verify conformity to MIL- STD810.

We faced three primary challenges during the work process:

  • Short lead time.
  • Complex thermal design.
  • Design for rugged MIL-STD810 while maintaining light weight.


The systems were delivered to the customer within 10 weeks from the beginning of the project.

The system passed all approval criteria. Alexander Schneider scored high in all quality, delivery, TCO and documentation criteria.

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