Build solutions that can stand up to any challenge.

Is your solution used in extreme or non-traditional environments? Do your customers have a need for solutions that can withstand extreme heat, dust or shock and vibration?

Chaotic factory floors, construction sites, communication trailers and mobile deployments, are all situations that call for an above-the-ordinary piece of technology, like Dell’s ruggedized offerings. From award-winning servers to reliable and stable laptops or tablets with rugged accessories, these products are designed with security and durability in mind and backed by Dell support, software and established OEM programs.


Dell PowerEdge R420xr MIL-STD Server

The Dell PowerEdge R420 is a 2-socket, 1U rack-mount server offering an aggressive entry-price point combined with internal expandability, enabling configurations to be tailored to specific workloads and user requirements, and supporting growth through the life of the server. The R420 is an excellent fit specializing in departmental email, workgroup collaboration, web hosting, e-commerce, file and print in space-constrained environments, in departmental or remote sites of large businesses and public organizations. The R420 is also highly attractive for compute-intense applications in space-constrained areas, as well as high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. Consistent worldwide support makes it appealing to multinational businesses and organizations.