Plenaform Systems by CompuSpace


Our Products

Knowing that no product existed to address air flow beneath a raised floor, we designed the PlenaForm® Baffle System, which blocks and or directs air flow under raised floors. Our PlenaForm Systems product line was born. Shortly after that, the innovative PlenaFill® 27U scalable blanking panel was also launched. PlenaFill blanking panels solve bypass airflow in server racks faster and less expensively than any other previous blanking panel solution on the market. We have also recently introduced a solution for the 23″ telephony industry network rack air flow requirements.

Our Clients

Our diverse client base includes many of the largest data centers in the world such as Amazon, AT&T, Chevron, Emerson Network Power, IBM, Intel, Intuit and the U.S. Senate. Our patented products help achieve green energy efficiencies in data centers and business computing ecosystems. Our commitment is to continue to provide products and solutions that contribute to the Green Grid’s focus to advance energy efficiency in the data center.

Our Values

With our dedicated customer service, strict quality control procedures, and innovative product design solutions, CompuSpace’s solid reputation ensures satisfied customers from a wide array of the largest ITE, Data Centers and Co-Location facilities on a global level.

CompuSpace’s products are provided in Israel exclusively by Alexander Schneider.