Alexander Schneider is the Israeli authorized distributor of Panduit and Alpha Wire Abrasion Protection products. We provide economical and easy ways to insulate, protect, bundle and color–code components and cable. A wide variety of sizes meet international safety standards including UL, MIL, ISO, Boeing and Aerospace.


Heat Shrink Tube

Flame Retardant Shrink and low shrink temp (90°C) for connectorized cable repair, where substrates are heart sensitive and delicate, and for intricate electronics protection. A variety of different shrink ratios. UL Standard 224, CSA 198, UL VW-1.


PVC Tubing

Alpha Wire PVC Tubing for Flexible wire protection, resistance to heat, oil and abrasion Specifications. Approvals include UL 224, CSA 198 and MIL-I-631D.


Fiberglas Tubing

Fiberglas Sleeving is extremely flexible and ideal for applications requiring operation up to 648°C. Approvals include UL 1441, NEMA VS-1 and UL VW-1.


Teflon Tubing

Teflon Shrink applications include insulating, protecting and coding wires and cable. The Shrink ratio: 2:1, Color: Opaque for dry locations, Temperature range: -240 °C – 260 °C. The TEFLON Shrink meets Military Spec: AMS-DTL-23053/12 Class 3.


Braided Expandable Sleeves

Braided Expandable Sleeving provides continuous abrasion protection for wire, cable, hoses and tubing. Available ex-stock for same or next day delivery.


Spiral Wrap

Spiral Wrap harness multiple cables into a single manageable bundle, allows easy breakouts for easy cable routing. Multiple colors allow easy identification of cable bundles and protection for the cables. Materials include Polyethylene, Polyethylene weather resistant and fire resistant. Bundle size from 1.6 mm up to 152 mm in many colors.


Zipper Tubing

Innovative Zipper Tubing for wire/cable bundling, cable jacketing protection and protection against flame chemicals and abrasion.


Grommet Edging

Panduit Grommet Edging protects wire and cable from damage caused by sharp panel edges.


Tinned Copper Braid

Tinned Copper Braids are used for point-to-point ground path and for wire & cable shielding.  Flat or Oval in large range of size Specifications. Available ex-stock for same or next day delivery.


Lacing Wire & Wire Wrap

We offer a wide range of lacing wires by Alpha Wire.  Lacing wire is a great, economical way to easily bundle wire and cable. Available in many different military grade finishes and colors. Suitable for use in military and industrial fields.



We offer tapes by Alpha Wire, for your wire management needs. The CST series is a copper EMI tape which provides excellent EMI/RFI shielding by using highly conductive, pressure sensitive adhesive.