For the most complete selection of cable management products with a wide range of styles, sizes, materials and colors, we are proud to be the sole partner of Panduit in Israel. Panduit cable management products bundle, mount and identify in countless indoor, outdoor, and harsh environment applications. This line of cable ties, tie mounts, accessories and installation tools provides the lowest total installed cost of managing wire and cable. Available ex-stock, in Israel for same or next day delivery.

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Nylon Cable Ties

Variety of indoor and outdoor ties.  Alexander Schneider and Panduit’s cable ties are available in different kinds of nylon for indoor or outdoor uses. In 10 basic colors with or without flags for marking.


Velcro Cable Ties

For protection against over-tensioning of high-performance copper and fiber cables.

Releasable and reusable Velcro cable ties from Panduit. Ideal for applications requiring frequent moves, ads, or changes. Provides protection against over-pressure and tension of high-performance network copper and fiber cables.


High-Performance Cable Ties

Weather Resistant cable ties & mounts, a wide range of materials with resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light. Designed for use in temperatures from minus 60oC up to 260oC.  Flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity & halogen free. Ideal for chemical or radiation exposure environments.

For application requiring outdoor up to 15-year durability, TEFZEL ties & mounts for harsh environmental & high temperature.


Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless-steel 201, 304, 316 & Aluminum metal ties, mounts, plates & tags.  For high strength up to 11,000 Newton for high temperatures, harsh Environments & outdoor Applications.  High quality, high productivity tools available ex stock.


Cable Clips & Clamps

Innovative Panduit ties, mounts, clamps & clips from a wide range of materials. Enhance productivity, safety and workmanship.



Panduit hand-operated and automatic tools are the most preferred tools in the industry. Our hand-operated tools are ergonomic and provide controlled tension and cut-off. The complete line of automatic installation systems offers a superior solution for high volume harness and assembly applications.