Our Network racks and cabinets feature 2-post, 4 Post, floor standing and wall mounted and even overhead racks.

Our LAN racks and accessories optimize airflow of network switches and enable smart cable management even with high density cables.


LAN  Cabinets

Net Access Cabinets manage, protect and showcase your network by combining the aesthetics and security of a cabinet with the accessibility of an open rack.

Net-Access™ Cabinets passively optimize thermal performance, provide superior cable management, and are fully electrically bonded to facilitate proper grounding.

The modular design incorporates flexibility for future network expansions resulting in greater network uptime, plus easier moves, adds and changes for the lowest total cost of ownership. Customized Airflow solutions for all Cisco routers including Catalyst 6500, MDS and Nexus 5000 and 7000 series.


LAN Two-Post Rack

Panduit’s 2 post data equipment racks are constructed of extruded aluminum or steel and are capable of accepting 19″ wide EIA equipment (or 23″ for telecom). The Rack construction ensures an electrically bonded structure for ease of grounding. Load ratings for 1,000-1,500 lb. the rack is compatible with NetRunner™ or PatchRunner™ Vertical Cable Managers for ease of cable.


Overhead Racks

Increase the U space for active and passive equipment payload without adding floor space!

The overhead distribution racks provide additional two, four, or six rack units above a rack or cabinet to maximize real estate utilization in data centers or telecommunication rooms. The universal mounting brackets allow maximum flexibility to mount to most industry ladders or cable trays.

Designed for both passive and active equipment.


Cable Management

The Data Center manager’s challenge is to maintain an organized and managed cable system in spite of  numerous MACs (Moves, Adds, Changes)

As the key Panduit partner in Israel, We provide a wide range of quality and innovative cable management solutions designed to route, protect and label hundreds of fiber and copper cords in and between racks.