Server Racks

Our IT racks and cabinets are designed for high loads and provide not only protection, but also the aesthetic quality to make your system look best. Our comprehensive product offering addresses power, cooling, space and cable management challenges, enabling reduced energy consumption, enhanced network reliability, and optimized space utilization.


19″ Server Cabinets  

We offer Server Cabinets designed to effortlessly fit all brand servers including IBM, HP and Dell as well as lesser known brands. Our cabinets are truly vendor agnostic.

Our Server and storage cabinets can hold up to 1,500 kg of IT equipment, allow maximum air flow for cooling and provide excellent cable management features as well as convenient service access.

Server, storage and network cabinets are available ex-stock in Israel with a large selection of accessories and options.


Acoustically Shielded Rack

Acoustically shielded racks are designed absorb noise from the active equipment inside the cabinet for the protection and comfort of nearby humans.

Our current acoustically shielded racks reduce the sound by over 20db and are able to handle up to 5KW loads. The product is available in heights of 17U to 46U.  For high density application, we feature closed loop cabinets that can cool up to 35KW while maintaining wonderful silence outside the cabinet.


EMC shielded Cabinets

Our EMC shielded cabinets feature an attenuation of over 80 dB at 100 MHz and 40 dB at 1 GHz, the highest levels available in a standard product. IP65 protection ensures high resilience against dust and accidental water entry. The cabinet is extremely robust with steel frame thickness of 2 mm for exceptional strength and rigidity. It features a static load of 1,000 Kg. The front and rear doors are easily reversible (right or left opening) without interfering with the sealing system, IP and EMC.


Cabinets for MIL-STD-810G

We introduce wide range of cabinets certified to MIL-STD-810G. The cabinet is designed to meet the requirements of mobile shelters.

The cabinet is based on a COTS platform and has passed a complete test for MIL STD 810G in a certified independent laboratory.