Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power) delivers a full range of Emerson, Liebert and Chloride uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from 500VA all the way to 3,400MW.  From individual Data Center solutions to integrated systems that keep network clusters, computer rooms and Data Center infrastructure up and running.


Desktop UPS

Desktop UPS is a range of off-line UPS and line-interactive UPSs ideal for PCs and sensitive electronic equipment in a non-rack environment.


Rackmount UPS

GXT4 Rackmount UPSs from 700 to 10 KVA are systems with the reliability, features, and flexibility required by networks and electronics in rack environments. They come in rackmount or tower configurations and feature a global warranty.


Network UPS

True on-line UPS power supply systems for network servers, hubs, bridges, storage devices, routers and critical workstations.

The NXC family is one of our Network UPS families. The NXC comes in 10-200KVA using double conversion with efficiency up to 99%. 

Liebert APM

Liebert APM is the next generation UPS solution based on the scalable power platforms developed by Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power). What differentiates Liebert APM from other power protection solutions is its Adaptive Power Manager features.

Unique in its class, the Liebert APM provides complete high efficient power protection and distribution in a single cabinet, eliminating the

complexity of two-stage power distribution. Its intelligent and adaptive capability to manage power within the Data Center row makes it a suitable solution for business expansion in the future. It features FlexPower technology, which incorporates distributed intelligence and scalable power in a common assembly.

It is suitable for small and medium businesses with the attitude to grow fast thanks to its architecture that enables the UPS system capacity to start as low as 30kW which can grow with the business up to 600kW.


Large Facility UPS

Trinergy has a unique algorithm, modular design and up to 99% energy efficiency which serve to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by delivering:

  • Unprecedented energy savings
  • Optimum space/power ratio
  • Minimized footprint
  • Minimized air conditioning requirements
  • Fast and safe maintenance

Dynamic functioning modes

The revolutionary capability of Trinergy®makes it the first UPS to combine all three industry standard functioning configurations in one high power solution.

3-dimensional modularity

Trinergy’s three dimensions of modularity – Vertical, Horizontal and Orthogonal, allow businesses to expand their power protection needs at the same pace as their evolving load requirements by simply adding additional power modules. Scalable up to 9.6 MW; the highest active power rating ever available in one UPS.

Market-leading energy efficiency

With an outstanding efficiency of up to 99%, Trinergy® delivers maximum running cost savings while greatly minimizing environmental impact.


Battery Monitoring

Effective battery monitoring delivers real benefits to any organization that needs reliable backup power systems. Decrease your downtime risk, increase your confidence. Battery monitoring identifies faults in the batteries, maximizes performance and reduces maintenance and operational costs.

Predictive maintenance: using IoT technology, our battery monitoring systems provide ongoing analysis of battery characteristics to enable you to identify faults before they happen.