We offer a wide range of wires from Alpha Wire. Our hook-up wire is available in a variety of color-coded insulations, stranded and solid copper conductors. Our wires are UL, CE, WEEE, CSA, MIL, REACH and RoHS compliant. Suitable for use in military, industrial and medical electronics.

Eco Gen Wire

EcoGen™ zero halogen wire are up to 45% smaller in diameter and 40% lighter than standard hook up wire. EcoGen complies with international standards such as UL VW-1, CE, NFPA79 and IEC60332-2.


ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire

Alpha Wire’s ThermoThin hook-up wire addresses the need for a high-temperature wire that saves space and weight. It is well suited for oil and gas, semiconductor, energy generation and production, and military applications where space is at a premium and extreme temperatures must be withstood.

Key features include:

  • Exceptionally small and lightweight
  • 36 AWG to 16 AWG conductor range
  • Nickel-plated copper conductors
  • ECA fluoropolymer insulation
  • -150°C to +300°C temperature range
  • 600 V performance
  • Excellent UV, chemical, and water resistance
  • UL AWM 11540 (30 AWG and larger)
  • RoHS2 and REACH compliant
  • 1000 ft continuous length available compared to 3 pieces per 1000 ft put up for PTFE
  • Passes UL horizontal flame (30 AWG and larger)

PVC wire

We offer a wide range of standard PVC wires by Alpha Wire. PVC wire has a wide range of AWG and colors for electronic equipment in all fields. Available in MIL, RoHS and CSA certifications and provide excellent flame resistance and abrasion resistance.


Silicon wire for excellent flexibility

Silicone wires combine excellent flexibility with high-voltage stability. Suited for applications that require excellent dielectric strength and resistance to radiation.


Teflon Wire

For stability up to +200oC, we offer a special MIL standard Teflon wires by Alpha Wire. Teflon wires combine excellent temperature stability up to +200oC with a wide range of colors and AWG sizes. Suited for applications that need chemical or temperature resistance. Used in medical and military equipment.


MIL Wire

MIL wires are suited for use in demanding applications. Stranded and solid copper, color-coded insulation, different put-ups available for special needs.