As high heat densities continue to push the limits of data center cooling, efficiency and reliability require the elimination of “Hot Spots”.  Furthermore, datacenter managers require predictability and uniformity of temperatures in the cold aisles for ease of management and capacity planning.

Hot or cold air containment can be achieved in several ways. Which one is the best for you?  It depends on the site. Our experts will be happy to assist and advise.


The Panduit Net Contain: Universal Containment

Reclaim underutilized cooling capacity, reduce energy expense and reduce CapEx by retrofitting your existing data center with Net Contain Universal Aisle Containment System.


Cold Aisle Containment with Smart Aisle

The SmartAsile cooling management solution is designed to increase cooling efficiency and rack capacity. The flexible SmartAisle solution contains the cold aisle to prevent hot and cold air from mixing, while adding a layer of intelligent management through the Liebert iCOM™ control system. Hot Aisle containment is also possible.

Containment has proven to be an effective approach to increasing cooling system efficiency, but containment without control is only a partial solution. With the Smart Aisle solution, we’ve taken containment to the next level, magnifying the results that can be achieved by providing greater control of the contained environment while also enabling a modular approach to data center optimization.


Chimney Cabinets

Hot air Containment with a vertical exhaust also knows as “Chimney Cabinets” is gaining acceptance. Hot air exits the rack through a vertical “chimney” to a hot-air plenum that takes the air back to the Liebert cooling units.