Semiconductor manufacturing has many challenges with hundred of processes using complex machinery in a 24×7, clean room environment. Multiple, diverse type of equipment must be configured, maintained and efficiently utilized.

Raritan’s manufacturing solution provides secure, controlled local and remote access and control to thousands of semiconductor manufacturing devices. The embedded PC in the equipment is connected to the Local Console Controller (LCC), which then connects to a Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) console in the clean room. The LCC also connects to a Computer Interface Module (CIM) which connects to the Dominion KX III KVM-over-IP switch.

The Dominion KX III provides users in or outside of the clean room access and control of the equipment utilizing a standard TCP/IP network. We can connect up to 64 machines to a KX III switch (we can continue to add KX III switches for additional equipment). Everything is connected by Ethernet and IP networking. A user can only access equipment they are authorized for using a PC, Laptop or Raritan User Station.

Raritan CommandCenter is the optional management system for the solution. It provides controlled secure access using administrator defines permissions and policies.

Our solution greatly expands the flow of information and control across the entire facility (and beyond), and has the following benefits:

  • Centralized monitoring of hundred/thousands of factory devices
  • Remote access and control of clean room equipment from laptop, PC or User Station
  • Local access to equipment on the fab floor, with the ability to disable remote access
  • Controlled access to factory equipment by multiple users over LAN & WAN
  • Ability to automatically collect and save snapshots of video from the equipment
  • Integration with factory automation systems using API and SDK