Optimize Data Center management and performance for IT systems and Data Centers.

We deliver Data Center racks, server rack cabinets, and enclosure solutions, from Panduit, Knürr and Liebert. Data Center rack solutions support IT and networking equipment in computer rooms of all sizes, with rack enclosures that contain precision cooling, uninterruptible power, rack PDUs, and wiring management in a sturdy, lockable cabinet.


Server Rack

Panduit’s Server Cabinets are multi-platform cabinets designed to effortlessly fit all brand servers including IBM, HP, Dell and UCS. Designed for Data Centers best practices, our Server cabinets can hold up to 1,500 kg of IT equipment, allow maximum air flow for cooling and provide excellent cable management features as well as convenient service access. Knurr-Emerson Server and network cabinets are available ex-stock in Israel with a large selection of accessories and options.


Aisle Containment

We offer an advanced solution for hot or cold aisle containment. Aisle containment provides an effective upgrade of the Data Center and maximizes utilization of the existing infrastructure. In cold aisle containment where racks are placed in rows front to front, the cold aisle in between racks will be mechanically covered and the result is a full separation between supply and return air. On the other hand, in hot aisle containment, where racks are placed in rows back to back, the hot aisle in between racks will be mechanically covered and ducted back to the Data Center air conditioning (CRAC) unit. The result is a full separation between supply and return air.

  • Improves density per rack up to 50%
  • Constant temperature for all Racks server inlet
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low cost with a quick payback of investment
  • Major savings in electricity bill
  • Get more Capacity from the existing infrastructure


High Load Cabinet

Servers and storage cabinets that weight (with the IT) over 1200 Kg are quite common nowadays.  We recommend that Data Centers cabinets can withstand a Static load of 1500 kg.  Our High Load IT cabinets feature new design, more stable profiles and new high-load corner joints.


Integrated EDGE Rack

Integrated rack solution designed for deployment at the edge of IT networks and remote locations such as stores, branch offices and small and medium businesses. These compact, rapidly deployable solutions support local data storage and processing with the industry’s most comprehensive single-cabinet unified infrastructure solution that provides secure remote monitoring and manageability.


Seismic Rack Solutions

Have you considered the risk of earthquake in your Business Continuity Planning (BCP)?

When business continuity demands that your data center is available 24X7, an earthquake can cause a long and costly downtime as well as permanent damage to your IT equipment.

We offer a well proven patented system to help you keep your Data Center working and your IT equipment intact during and after an earthquake. The ISO-Base™ system passed the intense UBC-Bellcore Engineering Test (R7.5), and has exceeded Seismic Zone 4 Requirements.


Chimney Cabinet

Server Cabinets with a Vertical Exhaust (VES) optimize Data Center airflow for a highly efficient thermal management. VES channels hot air from the cabinet directly into the overhead return plenum, preventing hot air recirculation and allowing room and chilled water temperature set points to be raised. A chimney Cabinet System enables Data Center managers to introduce hot containment and optimize airflow and reduce energy costs by 25% or more in a typical deployment when deployed as an integrated solution. The Cisco certified Net-SERV server Cabinets incorporate cable management design features that optimize space utilization and thermal management for server applications. Cabinets are available in 600mm (24”) and 700mm (28”) widths, 1200mm (48”) depth and in 42RU and 45RU heights providing scalability and flexibility. Formally approved by Cisco for UCS servers.


Rack Accessories

Rack accessories respond to an array of Data Center infrastructure needs, with specific solutions designed for Data Center optimization. These include cable management products, airflow optimization, peripheral equipment and safety enhancement.

Solutions include Telescopic slides, cable management for copper, fiber and power cables, Shelves and rack accessories and an array of IT peripherals.