IT & Access

Alexander Schneider provides OEMs with a range of solutions for remote access to IT systems including KVM Over IP, environmental monitoring, remote re-boot and remote service. We provide engineering support and global warranty.

KVM Remote Access

Raritan’s KVM Switches provide secure BIOS-level access and control of all your servers, switches and IT devices, streamline administration and reduce mean-time-to-repair.

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KVM extenders are devices specifically designed to increase the distance that a keyboard, mouse, monitor and more can be reached over CAT5, CAT6, Fiber or IP.

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Rugged Tablets & Laptops

We provide rugged computing solutions for air, land and sea applications. Our line includes rugged tablets, laptops, PCs and servers. We tailor build-to-spec solutions based on COTS products.

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Embedded Computing

Rugged, Configurable, fan-less Embedded Box PCs are designed and built to shorten your design cycle, lower your NRE and speed up your time-to-market.

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Industrial & Rugged Servers

Build solutions that can stand up to any challenge.

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