5 reasons for choosing Elastomeric Cable Ties

Benny Shasha - June 24, 2018

When you think of shopping for cable ties, it seems like a straightforward process. after all, they’re pretty much the same, right?

Well, the truth is, cable ties are made with many different materials and specifications to be able to meet the most varied demands, and each of them is used for a different application: industrial, mechanical, electrical, networking or datacom/telecom.

With so many cable ties design choice available, it’s important to know which type to choose in order to provide an optimum solution for any bundling application. From materials and size to construction and temperature rating, cable ties can have a wide variety of features which allow them to be specialized to different situations.


So, what’s special about Panduit’s Elastomeric Cable Ties?

  1. Elastic material – Thermoplastic Polyurethane bundles and protects network data without over-tensioning. The high coefficient of friction provides a tight grip and prevents lateral movement along cable bundle, minimizing overall installation time and potential re-work.
  2. Releasable tab – allows release and re-use; accommodates frequent moves, adds, and changes to support evolving equipment and cabling needs without having to purchase additional product.
  3. UL 94V-0 flammability rating – provides greater flame resistance and complies with stringent telecommunication flammability requirements (such as NEBS GR-63-CORE).
  4. UV and weather resistance – provides greater resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light and exposure to different weather conditions.
  5. Halogen free – non-toxic, environmentally safe material that will not release toxic or corrosive gases upon combustion.


Panduit offers the largest selection of cable ties with a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials and colors that allows customers to find the right cable tie for every use.

In addition, Panduit ergonomic cable tie installation tools – from high speed automatic systems to hand operated tools, are the most preferred tools in the industry. Using a cable tie installation tool eliminates the risk of applying incorrect tension when ties are fastened by hand. Click here for the Panduit cable ties product selection guide.

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